Things Are Heating Up…

It’s hotter than ever in the valley of the sun, but we’re not talking temperatures. Since the release of “24”, The Stumbles have once again cemented their presence in the Phoenix music scene. “They are back, and dare I say it, kicking more ass than ever.” – Travis Randall, Stone Bogart.

A music video for The Stumbles acoustic anthem “Get Up” is garnering attention for the talented musicians, with a new article from The Phoenix New Times on the horizon. Get Up, directed by Dominic Bonuccelli, has hard hitting hooks and harmonies, inspiring the listener to “love who you love and do what you do” in the best way possible. A band collaboration, Get Up serves to remind us that The Stumbles are back, and stronger than ever.

July is vacay month for many Arizonian’s, and The Stumbles took some time off to rest and ready themselves to record more music. Ron Walker & Mark Moffatt hear the hooks and riffs that have become the Stumbles staple, couple that with Matt Sadler’s & Moffat’s compelling lyrics, followed with the solid groove of drummer Brent Payne, the recently released EP “24” is just the tip of the iceberg for the music that is still yet to come.

Merch is selling, gigs are rocking, it’s hot in July, but this kind of heat is just what The Stumbles like….. and they’re getting ready to make things a lot hotter!

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